Top 10 Gifts For Animal Lovers This Christmas (2021 UK)

Christmas is just around the corner! And if you know an animal lover friend, family member, or colleague who can’t get enough of their beloved pet(s), it can be difficult to find gifts for them.

Often because there is just too much choice! Animal lovers are so passionate about their pets and they spend a lot of money on gifts for the animals in their lives.

We’ve pulled together a list of the top 10 gifts for animal lovers that will brighten up their Christmas Day for sure. The animal themed gifts range from stocking fillers, gifts to subscribe for, or more expensive presents that might just break the bank – so whether you have £10 or £1000 to spend, there’s something here for everyone!

So without further ado, we’re counting down the top 10 best gifts for animal lovers. Add to your basket and shop today to tick another animal lover friend off the order list!

1. Animal oven gloves from Oven Paws

Golden retriever oven gloves embroidered product for sale
Animal themed oven gloves

Not saying we’re bias or anything, but… “these high-quality embroidered animal oven gloves from Oven Paws are made to last and considering they donate to a breed-specific charity for every sale.” Which of course means that we win the top spot of the best gifts for animal lovers for Christmas 2021 here in the UK.

“The attention to detail that’s gone into these oven gloves is second to none. The vibrancy of the animal face embroidered is great and it’s a practical glove with high heat resistance, towel liner to dry hands, and a better grip with improved ergonomics for handling pots and pans easier.”

Did we mention the great value price too? A single oven mitt is just £15.99 and the double retails at £24.99 available direct!

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2. Adopt an animal with the WWF

Adopt an animal gift for Christmas
Adopt an animal with the WWF

From just £36.00 (or £3.00 per month if you would prefer to subscribe) you can give animal lover friends or family members the gift of adopting an animal that’s species is in great need and can be supported by the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF).

Animal adoptions like this add a huge boost to their work. They not only help fund projects to monitor animals and their movements and see how they’re being affected by climate change but also fund our other vital work around the world.

In return for your adoption gift, the recipient will receive a big welcome pack full of information about the animal and species, they’ll receive regular updates by email when they subscribe about the animal and also a certificate and print media images to use! What a great gift for an animal lover.

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3. An animal themed necklace

Animal themed necklace gifts
Animal themed necklace gifts

Now, this is a gift for an animal lover (who also loves to party) that you can’t go wrong with!

Search for personalised necklaces at this shop with a great collection of accessories to choose from for your friend or family member. It’s a subtle but stylish way of showing that you care for them and they’ll certainly wear it with pride (especially if it resembles their pet at their NYE party).

These jewelry products, including earrings too, are pretty unique so you can guarantee that the animal loving recipient will love to receive a present like this. Make their Christmas!

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4. A cat themed hanging plant pot

Animal themed hanging plant pot

Garden products like these make us laugh, we love the look of them! Shopping for gifts for animal loving friends or family members can be difficult but gifts like these will brighten their home no end.

The home plant and garden market are ever-popular and there is no sign of that changing any time soon. This plant pot product is bound to make the recipient smile on Christmas day so add this to your basket first and continue your online shopping spree!

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5. Personalised animal phone case

Personalised animal pet phone case
Personalised animal pet phone case

What’s better than affordable gifts for animal lovers that are personalised too!

Save some budget as the price is certainly an affordable option to impress your animal loving family member. They are bound to love receiving this gift as they can wear it with pride on their phone as it looks like their favourite animal or pet!

What’s best about this is it’ll be exclusive and personal to them so don’t worry about any related gifts in their Christmas basket.

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6. Animal themed lounge cushions

Animal themed cushion gifts
Animal theme cushion gifts

Has your animal lover friend recently moved into a new home or has recently redecorated their living room?

If so, this is a great option for a gift that will feel like you’re adding decorations but really you’re just enhancing their room with their favourite animal or pet – cute!

There’s plenty of different options to choose from so sort the items out when browsing and then place your order when you’re ready.

We love animal prints like these in the home and we’re sure your friends or family member will do too!

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7. Animal themed embroidery kits

Animal embroidery kit present
Animal embroidery kit present

This one might sound a little unusual but we’re confident that if your friend loves animals and is into arts and crafts then you’re onto a winner with this present.

An animal themed embroidery kit that teaches the recipient how to create the best-looking piece of art that they’ll be so proud of (especially if it’s of their dog or pet).

This is a great price too and means a lot more than just a print or sign. Kids will love it too!

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8. Animal themed knitting crochet kit

Animal crochet kit Christmas gift
Animal crochet kit Christmas gift

Staying on the same lines of content, you may not have already thought of this but another practical art and craft kit that will give your friends or family members something fun to do during the festive period!

Save them any chance of that ‘boredom loading’ feeling and order them this kit today from this independent shop.

Search for the most appropriate pet or animal from a good-sized collection available.

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9. Artwork featuring favourite animals

animal vegan art gifts
Animal vegan art gifts

This project is a special one and a print gift from here would show your appreciation in a way that a standard high street one wouldn’t!

Art For Animals is a scheme set up by Viva to donate proceeds to charity so you’re doing a good thing by purchasing exclusive art from their collection.

It might take a while to search for the perfect piece but it’ll be worth it. Great accessories to supplement the home.

The shop is aimed at selling gifts for your vegan friends that care about the global climate crisis situation and take account of their actions!

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10. Unique animal themed planters

Animal themed planter presents

Plants have been brightening up the home like nobody’s business recently and some statistics have said that people are spending more on plants for their home than clothing or beauty products or accessories!

Items like these animal themed planters will certainly go down well with your animal lover friend and this collection is some of the best we’ve seen – for good prices!

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